Feb 222016

The Department of Economics and Business is pleased to welcome Visiting Young Researchers, within the Young Investigator Training Program, who do empirical research in the fields of Econometrics (ref. Emanuela Marrocu), Health Economics (Silvia Balia and Rinaldo Brau), Economics of Education and Labour (Adriana Di Liberto and Giovanni Sulis), Economic Growth and Development (Romano Piras), Economics of Migration (Ivan Etzo and Carla Massidda), Financial Econometrics (Paolo Mattana), International Trade, Geography and Development (Anna Maria Pinna), Regional Economics and Economics of Innovation (Stefano Usai).

Young Investigator Training Program ‐ Italian Econometric Association (SIdE)

Several research prizes for young researchers were made available by the ACRI Foundation, within the Young Investigator Training Program, associated with the Third Conference of the International Association for Applied Econometrics (IAAE 2016), to be held at the University of Milan‐Bicocca on June 22nd‐25th, 2016 (http://iaae2016.info/). The prizes (in the amount of €3000/4000) are allocated on a competitive basis. In order to be eligible, candidates must have an accepted paper at the conference. The sum will be transferred to the chosen researchers if the paper was presented at the IAAE 2016 and a visiting period of at least one month was spent at one of the 28 Italian institutions belonging the YITP SIdE‐IAAE2016 network.

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