Mag 202015

Nell’aula magna della ex Facoltà di Economia, Viale Sant’Ignazio 74, si terranno i seguenti seminari a cura di


Prof. Kevin Keasey

Leeds University Business School


Mercoledì 27 Maggio 2015 – h. 11:30
“Paying too Much for Growth: An Explanation of the Asset Growth Anomaly”
(with L. Peng, C. Cai and Q. Zhang)
Giovedì 4 Giugno 2015 – h. 11:30
“Are Market-Based Rankings of Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions Useful for Regulators?”
(with C. Cai, F. Vallascas and Q. Zhang)


In allegato trovate la locandina degli eventi.


Prof. Keasey è Chair in Accounting & Finance, Head of Accounting & Finance, e Director of the Institute of Banking and Investment (IBI).



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