Systems and Control


The Systems and Control research group at DIEE performs theoretical and applied research in the following areas:

1. Modeling and analysis of dynamical systems.

This area includes research activities related to modeling and analyzing continuous-time systems (e.g., systems arising in the process industry) as well as event-driven and hybrid ones (e.g., systems arising in manufacturing and trasportation systems)

2. Control of dynamical systems

This area includes research activities related to the design of feedback control systems for linear and nonlinear systems, evolving in continuous and discrete time, event-driven and/or hybrid, typically in the presence of uncertanties (e.g., unknown parameters) and external disturbances. Among the concrete applications studied, or under study, it can be cited the control of energy systems (e.g., concentrating solar plants and thermal energy storage systems), electromechanical systems (e.g., overhead cranes), supervisory control of transportation systems, control of automatic gears for automotive applications, etc.

3. Estimation and fault diagnosis

This topic covers a variety of research activities both related to continuous/discrete time systems (e.g., fault detection in valves and eletrical drives, estimation of internal variables in fuel cells) and hybrid or event-driven ones (e.g., faults in ABS breaking systems, faults in manufacturing systems).

4. Multi-agent systems

This area involves the study of complex systems composed by the interaction of subsystems (agents), where the interaction can be either physical or implemented by means of a suitable communication network. Among the concrete problems studied in this framework it can be mentioned the motion coordination for platoons of mobile robots, agents synchronization, fault diagnosis in sensor networks, etc.

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