Rapporti internazionali


– Le intense relazioni internazionali del Dipartimento sono testimoniate anche dalla numerosità e alta qualificazione degli ospiti internazionali.

Vedi “Convegni e Seminari 2011 – 2013“.


International Indological Co-operation.

On 27 September 2008 in Warsaw four European Institutions (from Prague, Milano, Cracow, Warsaw) signed a co-operation Letter of Intent concerning a plan for Indological academic and research cooperation in the fields of common interest. In a more informal way, this cooperation had already started in 1998.

On 16th May 2015, during the Indological Conference “Patterns of Bravery. The Figure of the Hero in Indian Literature, Arts and Thought” hosted in Cagliari (http://www.unica.it/pub/7/show.jsp?id=29607&iso=96&is=7;

http://dott-sea.campusnet.unito.it/do/corsi.pl/Show?_id=84ey> ),

all the representatives of these four Institutions agreed that the Philology, Literature and Linguistics Department of the University of Cagliari should become a new member of the group.

A new Co-operation Letter of Intent was signed by the representatives of the relevant five Institutions:

1) Seminar of Indian Studies, Institute of South and Central Asia, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

2) Institute of Oriental Studies, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland

3) Chair of Indology of the Department of Literary, Philological and Linguistic Studies, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

4) Chair of South Asian Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland

5) Philology, Literature and Linguistics Department, University of Cagliari.

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