Giu 222018
On Thursday, June 28th, 2018, at 11 am, prof. Marcello Lucia from the City University of New York will give a talk on A rigidity theorem for an overdetermined problemThe talk will take place at Palazzo delle Scienze, room C (ground floor). All interested people are kindly invited Antonio Greco ________________________________________________________ A rigidity theorem for an overdetermined problem Abstract On a bounded simply connected domain of RN, consider the Laplacian eigenvalue problem with overdetermined boundary conditions, where both constant Dirichlet and zero Neumann boundary data are prescribed. This overdetermined problem admits a solution for instance in a disc, as can [...]
Giu 062018
Upcoming Seminar
Transcompiling and Analysing Firewalls
June 11, 17.00 (Aula F) Palazzo delle Scienze - Cagliari  
Letterio Galletta IMT Lucca (IT)
Abstract. Configuring and maintaining a firewall configuration is notoriously hard. On the one hand, network administrators have to know in detail the policy meaning, as well as the internals of the firewall systems and of their languages. On the other hand, policies are written in low-level, platform-specific languages where firewall rules are inspected and enforced along non trivial control flow paths. Further difficulties arise from Network Address Translation (NAT), an indispensable mechanism in IPv4 networking for performing port redirection and translation of addresses.
Mag 212018
Lecturer: Marcello Lucia, Professor at the City University of New York Dates: from Monday, May 28th, to Wednesday, June 13th Location: Palazzo delle Scienze, via Ospedale 72, Cagliari Summary. Calculus of Variations is a fundamental branch of Mathematical Analysis which has been deeply developed since its foundation. Born in connection with problems from Mathematical Physics, it is an extremely actual field of research due the theoretical defies it poses to the intellect as well as to its wide range of applications.Subject: variational methods (including minimization of variational integrals and critical points theory) for solving partial elliptic equations of elliptic type, [...]
Mar 152018
1st Scientific School on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies Pula, Sardinia, Italy 12-15 June 2018 Crypto economics is a new discipline born after the rise of virtual currencies and distributed ledger technologies, and is rapidly developing in a unique intersection between computing, cryptography, law, economics, and game theory. The school aims at disseminating knowledge about the foundations and the applications of these technologies to researchers, PhD students, scholars and technologists in industry and academia, not excluding under- or new graduates with strong technical drive and a sufficient background. SCHOOL VENUE The school will be hosted at the Technology Park [...]
Mar 062018
L’Associazione Universo è lieta di invitarvi al seminario “Bitcoin e Crittovalute: alla scoperta delle tecnologie blockchain e degli smart contracts”, che si terrà Mercoledì 7 Marzo, alle ore 17 presso l’Aula Magna di Fisica del Palazzo delle Scienze. L’incontro nasce dalla curiosità di conoscere il fenomeno delle crittovalute e le potenzialità che da esse scaturiscono. Il tema verrà trattato dal punto di vista tecnico ed economico e terminerà con una panoramica sulle opportunità lavorative legate alla tecnologia blockchain. L’incontro prevede tre interventi: Massimo Bartoletti (Università degli Studi di Cagliari). Introduzione a Bitcoin, blockchain e smart contracts. Francesco Piras (Presidente dell’Associazione [...]
Mar 172017

Avviso di seminario: lunedi 27 Marzo 2017 alle ore 16.00, nell’aula F presso il Dipartimento di Matematica ed Informatica dell’Università di Cagliari si terrà il seguente seminario.

Discrimination Discovery Exploiting Ontologies

Prof. Franco Turini, University of Pisa

Discrimination discovery from data consists of designing data mining methods for the actual discovery of discriminatory situations and practices hidden in a large amount of historical decision records. Approaches based on classification rule mining consider items at a flat concept level, with no exploitation of background knowledge on the hierarchical and inter-relational structure of domains. On the other hand, ontologies are a widespread and ever increasing means for expressing such a knowledge. In this talk, we propose a framework for discrimination discovery from ontologies, where contexts of prima-facie evidence of discrimination are summarized in the form of generalized classification rules at different levels of abstraction. Throughout the talk, we adopt a motivating and intriguing case study based on discriminatory tariffs applied by the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedules on imported goods.

About the speaker: Franco Turini is currently a full professor in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa, where he also served as Department Chairman. In 78/80 he has been a visiting scientist of the Carnegie-Mellon University (Pittsburgh) and of the IBM Research Center S.Jose, afterwards. In 92/93 he has been visiting professor at the University of Utah.

He has been coordinator of the “Meta- and non-monotonic reasoning area” (BRA Esprit Action No 6810 “Compulog II”) and several other projects including the 2007 Italian PRIN “Anonimo”, focusing on methods for anonymity and privacy protection. He co-edited with Krzysztof Apt a book entitled Meta-logics and Logic Programming, published by The MIT Press, and also editor of Springer and IEEE Proceedings.

His research interests include programming languages design and implementation, formal semantics, and methods for preserving privacy and anomymity.

Contact: Maurizio Atzori, – Dipartimento di Matematica ed Informatica, Università di Cagliari

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