Electronic and Computer Bioengineering


The Electronic and Computer Bioengineering group performs teaching and research activities in the following bioengineering fields:

– Digital signal processing

– Biomedical instrumentation and telemedicine systems

– Advanced integrated architectures for parallel biosignal processing


In particular:

– Digital signal processing: the group is active on algorithms and systems for real-time signal processing, in particular (but are not limited to) neural and ECG signals, the former for the control of hand neuroprostheses from the decoding of the signals gathered from the peripheral nervous system of the patient, the latter for the fetal electrocardiogram extraction from non invasive biopotentials recording.

– Biomedical instrumentation and telemedicine systems: the group works on the development of embedded systems for biomedical applications, for real-time signal processing (data acquisition and processing systems) and for telemedicine/telehealth. In the first case, the activity aims at the development on advanced platforms of systems for digital signal processing (primarily, but not only, for the aforementioned signal processing applications). In the second case, the development of telemonitoring and telerehabilitation systems (patent pending) is the main goal.

– Advanced integrated architectures for parallel biosignal processing: the group is active in the collaboration to the development of architectural and processing models able to satisfy the real-time requirements of the biomedical applications, under the constraints of low-power, parallelism exploitation, scalability, flexibility and fault tolerance.

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