Historical perspectives on forms of English dialogue


MAZZON-FODDEEditors Gabriella Mazzon, Luisanna Fodde
Milano, Franco Angeli, 2012

Collana “Metodi e Prospettive.” Studi di Linguistica Filologia Letteratura


Over the past thirty years, many studies within English historical linguistics have adopted approaches drawing from sociolinguistics and pragmatics in order to investigate what texts from the past can tell us about the conveying of communicative intentions and stance, and about their codification, in older English. One interesting perspective is dialogue studies, in which the relationship between fictive characters, or that between writer and reader, is analysed (socio)pragmatically in order to highlight the way in which interaction dynamics was reproduced and interpreted at different stages of the English language and culture. This volume is meant as a contribution towards this research field, both as a testimony of the mature stage reached by such studies and, hopefully, as a prompt for future developments in this area.

The first part of the volume examines dialogic elements in literary texts (contributions by J. Culpeper; A.H. Jucker; R. Mullini; U. Lutzky; I. Plescia; D. F. Virdis), while the second is devoted to non-literary text-types, including studies on scientific, didactic, technical and legal texts (contributions by I. Taavitsainen; G. Del Lungo Camiciotti; E. Lonati – K. Grego; G. Gray; E. Olivari – P. Tornaghi; D. Montini; L. Pinnavaia; E. Cecconi; D. Archer; M. Giordano).


Gabriella Mazzon is Full Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Innsbruck

Luisanna Fodde is Full Professor of English and Linguistics at Cagliari University

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